It is not so much that I miss you, Dorothea Grossman


It is not so much that I miss you
as the remembering
which I suppose is a form of missing
except more positive,
like the time of the blackout
when fear was my first response
followed by love of the dark.


New Year’s Eve

Faithful Sweetheart
by Norman Rockwell

exactly a year ago — too bad I don’t do that for NYE, ever.

"Mistor Phoosa’s Single Boot"Ink & Acrylic on paper



Toys are made by loyal factory for amusement of the children of the motherland.

Toys are of baby, and have realistic crying function.

Soon, it becomes difficult to distinguish baby and toy.

Both are burned for warmth.

Such is life in Moscow


"hurt me with the truth, but never comfort me with a lie."
I am bubble tea.